Time to Color the Eggs!

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color eggs

It won’t be long and Easter will be upon us.  What comes with Easter?  Dying off eggs.  Really this is of course my favorite part of this holiday.  Who is ready to dye Easter eggs? 

While the dying of the Easter Eggs may be my favorite part (outside of the family time) it does tend to stress me out a lot from the mess.  I mean I want to be that mom that just doesn’t care but I do care.  A LOT!

So here is a little tip on how to dye the eggs and keep clean. Use a whisk to hold the egg whilst its dipped into the dye!!

The egg will slide into the whisk easily and it doesn’t slide out without a little effort.  The handle is big enough that they actually have something to hold onto and it all fits perfectly into a coffee cup.  The whisk prevents the guaranteed “hand crush” you get with the little kids dropping the egg into the coffee cup or the crush it receives as it’s getting pulled out of the coffee cup.


Thanks to Farmers Wife Rambles for the fantastic tip!!



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