If your aim is to gain clients or sales from a website or online, you will need a good lead capture strategy in place. Here are some popular choices to consider…


If your aim is to gain clients or sales from your website then you need to factor in a good lead capture strategy. Capturing leads is essential for any good online business because without it your clients may simply visit, read your information, click out and purchase elsewhere. When we talk about leads we are generally talking about gaining contact details, subscriptions, orders or taking your visitors from the point of simply reading to actually taking a positive action.


Join Design Fox as we take a look at some popular lead capture strategies and what you should think about before you use them on your website.


Download Your Free eBook

Free eBooks can be great lead capture tools if they are used correctly, however in many cases they are not. Your eBook should be facilitating the next stage of the customer moving closer to you, so ideally it should not be downloadable without visitors first entering an email address or subscribing to your service. An eBook which gives you nothing in return is, in many cases, simply a waste of your time and can provide the customer with great information which he can then use to purchase from one of your competitors. Another great way to use an eBook is to offer a “Pay with a Tweet” system whereby the eBook is free in return for a social share, therefore spreading your message further and encouraging more web visitors and downloads. The eBook itself should have plenty of lead capture opportunities in it such as links to your live chat or your online store. It should also be clearly branded to promote your brand throughout and ensure it is not copied.

THINK – What am I getting by providing this eBook?


Subscribe Now

Subscribe now is one of the oldest and most effective ways of capturing leads because by subscribing your visitors are effectively opting in to receive your newsletters and perhaps even to be contacted by phone. When you invite visitors to subscribe you may be promising to send them news, tips, eBooks, samples or special offers so make sure you have a plan to keep in contact with your database. Subscribers will not be happy if they are bombarded with sales calls or emails so make sure that your technique is more sophisticated than this.  The material you send to subscribers should be in keeping with your website and be designed to keep them interested, engaged and ready to become a client.

You should also consider how regularly you will contact your subscribers. For some, an email a week would be appropriate, while for others, an email a month would be best. Think about how often you would need to contact your subscribers in order to keep them interested but not overwhelm them with ‘junkmail’.

THINK – What material am I going to send them after they subscribe?


Take A Survey

Depending on the nature of your business “take a survey” may be an effective lead capture tool. Visitors like to know that their voice is being heard and generally enjoy participating in interactive surveys and polls. It might be that you just want to understand your visitor preferences in greater detail but if utilised correctly taking a survey can also provide you with valuable client details. It may be necessary to incentivise visitors to provide their details so you could offer a product discount in return for them taking the survey. Alternatively you could use their survey answers to provide them with a tailored quote or response which is a great up selling opportunity. For example, if you are selling vitamins then you could create a survey entitled as “how happy are you?” Your visitor’s feedback generates a personal assessment of their happiness level and a recommendation of the vitamins that would benefit them.

THINK – What would incentivise a client to take my survey?


Free Consultation

Offering clients a free consultation is particularly effective when you are offering services as opposed to products. Businesses offering services such as plumbing, interior design or medical often struggle to find suitable giveaways because there is no tangible product. A free consultation is very valuable for clients who in many cases are forced to pay for the consultation elsewhere. Explain the benefits of a free consultation – in the instance of a medical service it might include a blood pressure check, BMI measurement and a tailored diet and fitness guide. By inviting clients to sign up for a free consultation you are ticking two lead capture boxes, you have captured their contact details and won yourself the opportunity to legitimately get in contact with your web visitor.

THINK – Your consultation should provide valuable information not just sales patter!


Contest Entry

By inviting users to enter a contest you are gathering their details to add to your client database. A contest does not have to be a hugely elaborate “win a round the world trip for two” type of thing. It could be as simple as offering the winner one of your products. For example, “Enter our contest to win a month’s supply of coffee!” This way you are also promoting your products and keeping the contest relevant for your brand. Your contest should be well thought out with the rules written and clickable to avoid any disputes or confusion. Your “opt in” button should be clear so that entrants understand they are subscribing to your database by entering. The advantages of a contest is not only to gather details but to potentially gain loyal clients after they win a great product and love it so much they keep coming back. Contests are also a great way to employ social sharing tools so factor those into your designs… you want everyone to enter right? Consider asking your winner for a testimonial afterwards to spread the message that your contests are real and your products are awesome!

THINK – What could you give as a contest prize that also promotes your products?


There are many lead capture techniques you can employ for your site but remember that design and timing are key to success. If you plan to offer a “subscribe” option then offer it after visitors have finished reading your blog piece and not before, as they may get frustrated and click out. “Buy Now” is great too but only if it appears at a point where you have provided all the necessary information on that product. Similarly if you are offering a cool contest, don’t hide it away… feature it on your main slider or in a home page pop up. Chat with Design Fox about the best lead capture strategies for your website and let’s get creative!


Kody Thompson

Kody Thompson  

Kody Thompson is an entrepreneur and business-owner based on the Gold Coast, Australia. He has established and grown two six-figure design, marketing and web development agencies and helped over 200 small businesses to market themselves online, all by the age of 27. With international offices and staff, Kody has progressed from start up to success in a short space of time yet remains focused on the passion that began it all: helping others develop and achieve their goals. Working one on one with clients in over 13 nations, he has developed a business model that allows him to travel the world with his wife, Sarah, while helping other businesses establish and cultivate effective online presence. Kody is passionate about living your dreams and helping others to do the same and has no plans to stop any time soon. As a business speaker Kody is inspiring, challenging and straight-laced. Speaking directly to the heart of matters, he brings both insight and practical applications to help businesses grow and succeed in the digital world. // www.designfox.agency