We are so lucky in Southern Queensland as our winters are generally blue skyed and sunny. We’ve had quite a bit of rain this year and even with the nice sunny days, it’s normal to sometimes feel a bit blue in winter.


Here are a few tips to survive the winter blues and enjoy this invigorating time before the heat sets in again!


  • MUSIC. Yes, music. Make a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs and listen to them while you are driving or doing some exercise! Talking about exercise…
  • MOVE. This is one of the best things when we are feeling a little down or blue, especially if it’s cold, grey and dreary outside. Get your booty on and have a dance in the lounge room or if you can, put on some runners and either take a walk or run outside, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes, it will get your body moving and the blood pumping!
  • DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. This puts gladness in your heart! Write a letter, call a friend, buy flowers for someone who looks like they need it or buy a coffee for the person behind you!
  • LAUGH. This is the best medicine, especially in winter. Hire a comedy to get your laughs or just spend time with a friend who makes you laugh!
  • COSY UP. Make your house a ‘cosy zone’. Put some candles on, burn some beautiful essential oils (relaxing try lavender or energising try lemongrass), close the curtains and RELAX!


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Martina Pick

Martina Pick  

Life coaching has been a natural progression for Martina. She has worked in the social welfare industry for the past 10 years after studying psychology and realising that she wanted to inspire and empower people - women in particular. Life coaching has been the direction Martina's life has taken - her dream job // www.life-changes.net.au