Travelling with kids can either be an awesome experience or a nightmare. You can give your kids a wonderful experience that they will never get in the school yard, it can be great for your relationship and it can provide your family a lifetime of beautiful memories. However, anyone familiar with the challenges of parenthood would agree that the stress of travel combined with the stress of parenting could be a recipe for disaster. To make your life easier, consider these travel tips for your next holiday.


  1. Take Vegemite. Or peanut butter or whatever your child will eat. You will always be able to find bread. If they get fussy or too tired to make decisions on food, prepare them food they are familiar with, make them a sandwich.
  1. Book breakfast as part of your room rate. This will save you hours of time and many arguments. If everyone has at least one relaxed meal you can start your day with a full belly.
  1. Book private transfers to and from the airport. The last thing you want to organise is public transport after a long, tiring flight or an early/late day in a foreign city. Bundle up your kids and stick them in a private transfer, it is worth the money.
  1. Have day trips/activities planned every second or third day. Don’t cram a million things into your holiday, give yourself time to relax and explore. This will also allow the kids to have down time and recharge their batteries.
  1. Take baby wipes. Use them to wash hands, faces, little bodies, sticky fingers and the table you are eating at. You will be grateful you are carrying them, they are worth their weight in gold.
  1. If your child is quite young, or not a great flyer (or perhaps a new flyer) and you have a long flight in your holiday plans, consider taking a ‘comfort pack’ for the passengers immediately near you. A snap lock bag with earplugs, a Freddo frog chocolate, and a hand written note explaining that its bub’s first flight and thanking them for their understanding can go a long way to avoiding mid-air tensions.
  1. Remember that travelling often requires lengthy periods of waiting. Airports, flights, check-in times, the list goes on. This can be boring and tedious for adults, imagine what it is like for the mind of a child! Be prepared with colouring books, games or even an IPad to help keep them entertained while waiting.
  1. Book accommodation with child care facilities. This is your holiday too – and if you decide you want to spend a day by the pool, reading a book, napping and drinking mojitos – you will be so grateful if there is a kids club the little ones can escape to. Added bonus – while you are relaxing, they are making new friends and tiring themselves out. Everybody wins!
  1. Don’t forget to take photos. As your kids grow up, you want them to remember the amazing places they’ve been and the things they have seen – so make sure you can jog their memories with photos of them from their travels.


Travelling with kids does not have to be a nightmare! Take a few of these tips, add a bit of positivity and every member of the family can enjoy the holiday.

Kerry Boiko

Kerry Boiko  

I have over 15 years in the travel industry and have been travelling the world for the past 20 years! On last count, I have visited more than 50 countries, many of them twice. I have had such wonderful trips in my career, such as climbing Mt Sinai in Egypt, watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, eating bugs in the Amazon and flying across the Grand Canyon. I have experienced the culture of Europe, the mystery of North Africa, the intrigue of Asia, the diversity of the Americas, and have spent a year exploring the vastness of Australia. I am experienced in organising both domestic and international travel, including cruises, honeymoons and round the world adventures! I also have expertise with business travel, in particular assisting SME’s with travel policy implementation and cost savings strategies. Travel Counsellors allows me to give you, my client, the specialised service you deserve, at a time that is convenient for you. I am available to visit you in person or speak to you by phone. I pride myself in ensuring that your travel is exactly what you dreamed of so please contact me to arrange your next holiday or help with your business travel arrangements // www.travelcounsellors.com.au/kerry.boiko