In today’s highly-mediatised world, that is the question. While many of us see privacy as a huge concern – especially when it comes to our children – we rarely pause to think before sharing a happy snap of our kids and their friends online. Should we be more careful?

Social media has, for many of us, become a kind of family scrapbook. Important milestones go straight to Facebook or Instagram, whether it’s out of pride or to keep our extended family and friends in the loop. But do you ever stop and wonder about where those photos could end up?

A recent study by digital timeline app Momatu revealed that, while most parents do worry about their children’s privacy (84 per cent), only 13 per cent of us will refrain from posting photos of our children online as a result. Even despite negative experiences (22 per cent of parents surveyed said they’ve had photos of their children shared elsewhere without their consent, while 20 per cent received negative comments about their children), 80 per cent of us will still happily share photos of our kids online.

“Our research revealed that while Aussie parents worry about their children’s privacy, it’s not reflected in the way they use social media,” says Andrew Muir, Momatu founder. “In order to keep family and friends updated on their children, parents choose to risk sharing photos online despite the dangers involved.”

Almost half of the parents who do share photos of their kids do so once or more than once a week – 14 per cent post daily. Interestingly, 77 per cent of parents surveyed identified people in their network who are guilty of oversharing photos of their children online, but only 28 pe cent worry that they are oversharing themselves. Some 91 per cent of respondents did not think they could possibly cause offence by sharing pictures of their kids online.

Keeping our family and friends updated about our lives, and creating a scrapbook for our kids to look back on, is certainly important. But are social media platforms the best place to do that?

There’s an app for that…

Momatu enables people to capture, sort and share photos, videos, diary entries and other memories by transforming them into beautiful timeline experiences that they can privately share with those closest to them.

Cozi is a family journal that lets you capture the quick moments you don’t want to forget. Whether it’s a family holiday, school achievement, soccer game or reunion, simply snap and store your memories in one place.

Cluster is purpose-built for small groups and special occasions, allowing you to share moments with your friends and have them like and comment back to them – the best part is, you always know exactly who you’re sharing with.



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