The school holidays may be over, but you can keep the fun going through the school term with these awesome educational toys!

Indigenous Matching Set
The perfect way to teach your children about Indigenous culture, these discs – designed by award winning Aboriginal artist De Greer-Yindimincarlie – depict different symbols such as meeting place, waterhole and rainbow just to name a few. They’re perfect for opening discussions around the traditional Australian landowners, as well as a fun game of matching pairs.

edx Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set
The Edx Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set is perfect for early learners, helping to develop sorting, sequencing, counting, creativity and colour recognition skills. A super learning tool for children at home or in the classroom, the set includes twelve A4 laminated, double-sided activity cards with designs that you can copy or be inspired by and 48 rubber pebbles (an assortment of four sizes of rubber pebbles and 6 colours included).

Australian Alphabet Matching Puzzle
This super popular Alphabet Matching Puzzle has had a revamp, and it’s even cuter than ever! Adorned with real images of Australian themed objects that pair beautifully with the engraved upper and lowercase letter tiles, children will have fun matching each letter of the alphabet with the corresponding brightly printed images, which also feature the name of the object. This puzzle promotes language and literacy skills, encourages observational skills and discussion and also develops hand eye coordination.

Learning Can Be Fun 650-piece Counting and Sorting Kit
Learn to count, sort and create sequences and patterns via the 650 different pieces. The counters include bears, dual-coloured counters, transparent counters, plastic tiles, pattern blocks, farm animals and fruit counters. There are also six bowls and an eight-compartment tray for sorting. The included activity cards outline activities for the contents of the kit.

Wooden Counting Board
These handmade boards are the perfect way to teach your little ones count from one to 10! They are perfectly complemented by The Curated Parcel’s wooden balls (available in colour or two-tone) and are made from premium pine and oiled with non-toxic, natural, food-safe sealant. They’re handmade here in Australia by My Family Rulers and are presented in a calico bag for storage.

8 Shape Matching Tile
This simple puzzle encourages children to develop and practice matching skills as well as fine motor skill development and recognition of basic shapes. This Australian-made-and-owned product comes in its own organza drawstring bag and is made using 3mm plywood, which can be protected using 5 Little Bears’ own beeswax polish.

Write and Wipe Lowercase Letters
The separate plastic letters have multitudes of uses – letter recognition lessons, learn to write the alphabet as well as correct letter formation. Use a whiteboard marker (not supplied) to write on the 26 letters then wipe away to start again. Each letter has numbered directional arrows to trace over to assist in learning letter formation.

Orchard Toys Red Dog Blue Dog Lotto Game
An award-winning children’s first lotto game, this one features fun and friendly illustrations of everyday characters and objects which your children will recognise, including teddy bears to cars to bunnies. To win, players must be the first to match all the coloured pictures on their playing board. The game helps develop children’s colour recognition and also helps with matching and memory skills.

Yogi Fun Yoga Cards for Joyful Learning
Help your young child learn yoga through simple, rhyming instructions. The 40 cards in this pack offer beautifully illustrated yoga poses and complementing rhyming instructions. An inside or outside game, kids and adults can together practice self-confidence, focus and work on their flexibility. A wonderfully fun game for emotional, social and cognitive development and physical development.

Planets of the Solar System
Less of a toy, more of a fun piece of home decor, this beautiful ‘Planets of the Solar System’ poster is the perfect educational addition to your child’s bedroom. You can take this chart outside in the evening to your favourite nature spot, lay out a fluffy blanket and discuss the vastness of the night sky – soaking up the wonders of the universe and the unknown of it all.

Feature image credit: www.thecuratedparcel.com



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