Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, if you’re still wondering what you can do to make the day special for your loved one, listen up. While romantic dinners and jewellery are the obvious choices, it’s even better to show how you truly feel – and avoid the cliches.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other fun and unique options to choose from.

Visit a bookstore

Ahhh, the perfect date for bookworms. Grab a coffee or a hot chocolate and get comfy with a good book at a bookstore. You could even start your own private book club for just the two of you, picking out a book that you can both read at the same time. A quiet cafe or restaurant makes for a romantic alternative location.

Take a cocktail making class

Why go to a bar to grab drinks when you can make them together? If your partner loves cocktails, book a class for the two of you to learn how to make all their favourites. Use it as a chance to show off your skills and at the end, you can enjoy all your tasty creations.

Enjoy an island escape

A great perk about Valentine’s Day is that it is in the middle of summer for us Aussies, which means… holiday, holiday, holiday! Nothing says romance like an escape to an island destination, and one of the best local island holidays for couples is Daydream Island. Located in the heart of Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands, it’s the gateway to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. What better place to spend your Valentine’s Day?

Go to a concert

If you have a shared love of music, going to see one of your special someone’s favourite artists is an easy date idea. A concert is the perfect place to enjoy live music while also spending quality time together, creating a memorable experience in the process.

Volunteer together

Give back to the community by volunteering together on Valentine’s Day. There are countless local charities to choose from, whether it’s a homeless shelter, animal pound, youth centre or other community organisation. You will have a special day bonding while also helping those in need.

Make a bucket list

If you want your significant other to know that you are a truly supportive partner, show them that you’re dedicated to helping them reach their goals. Make bucket lists together as a fun activity, and then work together to tick off each item throughout the year.

Have a bake off

For the cake lovers out there, have a friendly competition in the kitchen to see who can make the best (and most festive) Valentine’s Day desserts. Extra points for anything heart-shaped, of course.

Go to a karaoke bar

If your Valentine is a born performer, put your shower singing to the test and enjoy a night out at a karaoke bar. It’s the perfect opportunity to serenade them with a ballad, and you can even sing your special song together with a duet.

Breakfast in bed

Start the day off right by cooking up a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast and serving it to them in bed. You’ll get to enjoy it together while staying comfy in your pyjamas all morning.

Exchange love letters

Make Valentine’s Day even more special by putting how much your partner means to you into words, in the form of a handwritten love letter. Make it specific to your relationship for a personal touch, ensuring it will become a keepsake they cherish forever.



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