Gold Coast Private Maternity is preparing to open its doors in March next year, with bookings already available. The new maternity facility for Allamanda Private Hospital, Gold Coast Private Maternity will deliver the Gold Coast’s first all-female obstetric practice, Grace Private, along with the latest technology, best-practice medical care and the highest levels of support and safety.


Sounds amazing, right? If you’re in the baby-zone and weighing up the best birth choices for you and your family, you’ll want all the deets from care to facilities to post-natal support. We got the low-down from Nurse Unit Manager, Karen Langford, on the top issues mums-to-be should consider when choosing where to have their baby.


  1. Continuity of care

Research shows mothers who have the same primary caregiver through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood are more satisfied and have better outcomes.

And continuity of care is not just important during pregnancy and birth – ensuring continuity of care through other specialities such as special care nursery, paediatrics, emergency and intensive care can help relieve stressful times, should you need these services. Choose a facility that can provide this level of support, if extended care is required.


  1. Facilities

You want the best for your family. From a special care nursery to fully equipped birthing suites with a host of pain management resources and state-of-the-art technology, don’t compromise on safety, individualised care and comfort.


  1. Education and services

Look for flexibility.  While antenatal classes are almost always offered, they are not always convenient or available.  Small class sizes are also preferable and mothers should look for a facility that takes a holistic approach to childbirth and offers a variety of options for learning – not just antenatal classes, but opportunities from preconception to birth and beyond. An example is Gold Coast Private‘s classes in mindfulness, breastfeeding, first aid for parents and yoga.


  1. Breastfeeding support

Look for facilities that are part of the worldwide Breastfeeding Friendly Hospital Initiative with a certified lactation consultant.  Lactation consultants are there to assist mums to make decisions that are best for them.  We provide mothers with all the research and evidence then work together to find a plan that works for the family unit. The more information and support you can give, the more comfortable a mother will feel about the choices she makes for herself and her baby.


More: www.allamandaprivatehospital.com.au


For more tips from Nurse Unit Manager, Karen Langford, check out the October issue of haven, out now.


Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.