Social media offers endless lunchbox inspiration, but there are few people we turn to more than George Georgieski – aka @schoollunchbox.

We chatted to George to find out the secret to packing the perfect lunchbox, and it turns out there are a few important rules to keep in mind.

TIP ONE: Teach respect
It may sound strange, but it’s really important that kids learn to respect their food from a young age. 

“A veggie patch at home is a great way to get the kids to respect and understand their food; to understand how long it takes to grow something as simple as a carrot,” says George. “The kids can be in charge of watering and watching the veggie patch grow, and then harvesting when the time is right.” 

Another tip, George says, is to take the kids shopping. Let them choose the apples they want to give them a sense of contribution so they feel part of the process. Show them that there’s a transaction that takes place and that food costs money.

TIP TWO: Bite-size is best
“Kids want easy and fun,” says George. “Anything large in their lunchbox will be daunting, so go small, fun and bite size!” 

This then lends itself to a much more aesthetically pleasing lunchbox and therefore more enticing to the consumer. Check out George’s ravioli sandwiches for some creative inspiration!

TIP THREE: Pack aaaaall the colours!
“Use the colours of the rainbow in the form of fresh produce,” says George. 

If you can incorporate a variety of bright colours, you’re sure to have included the nutrients and vitamins that your kids need to get through the day.

TIP FOUR: Preparation makes perfect
Food preparation is key, and George suggests parents wash all the fruit and vegetables straight after a food shop and pop them in an airtight container in the fridge, ready to go. 

“The less time you need to spend in the morning on food prep, the easier it will be to get out the door!” says George.

TIP FIVE: Go bento
Why does Australia’s leading lunchbox dad love bento-style lunchboxes? They’re leak proof and airtight and provide the best housing for those bite-sized items. 

“These boxes also ensure there is no cross contamination of any foods,” says George.



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