A seasonal shift is coming, and I couldn’t be happier! Yes, winter is a good chance to slow down, however, spring and summer fuel me (and my family) so much more. Although it wasn’t a particularly cold winter this year in Queensland, we’re still yearning for the long hot days of Summer and the energy and zest that naturally comes during the last quarter of the year.


As we transition into the warmer months, obviously our wardrobe will need to change too.


Spring is the perfect chance to do a wardrobe audit and cleanout. Get ruthless – it’s time to cull the pieces you no longer wear, fit or love. Store away the thick winter coats and boots. Bring your lighter layers and summer pieces to the front and start planning what outfit combinations you can rock this season!


Whether you’re a working mum or a stay-at-home mum; embracing the new season through your clothes is a refreshing and invigorating way to tackle your life as a busy mother.


I always feel more productive and confident when I’ve put some thought into my daily outfit, no matter what my day entails.


So… what’s in store for Spring this year? And how can I tie it into my mummy life?


lotus-print-skater-dressSplash of Colour!

Spring is always a great chance to bring some colour into your life. Winter hues are usually so grey and dark. Welcome in the season change with ice-creamy pastels and bold pops of blue and pink. Fruity tones like lime, lemon & zesty orange can be teamed with your neutrals and black staples.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.12.41 pmPeel Off The Layers!

Adopting a transeasonal wardrobe as we merge from winter through to summer, means making use of layers that can be added & subtracted quickly. As the mornings and late afternoons can still have a chill to them, it’s important your outfits can be easily transformed with layers that add character, but most importantly warmth. The aim is to love your outfit, with and without the extra layers. Swap the thick knitted scarves for lightweight cotton or silk options. Replace your large coat with a tailored blazer made from a breathable fabric. Trade your boots for ballet flats. These simple exchanges will ensure your outfit is adaptable for whatever climate this spring brings.

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katies-00104659-2Embrace Some Pattern!

Let your personality shine with some pops of floral, splashes of animal print, sharpness of stripes or structure of geometric lines. Just remember to not go too overboard with a heap of patterns all at once. If you have a heavily patterned top, keep your bottom half plain – and in turn, a patterned bottom should be complemented with a block colour top. Pattern clashing is a fun way to express your personality but requires a lot of thought and a careful eye. For busy Mums-on-the-go, stick to one bold print and one block colour. Punctuate with a statement necklace or a fabulous handbag and you’re set!

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Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.37.09 pmDenim Will Never Go Out Of Style!

Rediscover your old pieces that still have some life in them…and start this with all of your denim. Denim is such a versatile, durable and practical fabric that never seems to go out of style. Make the most of this staple by teaming it with some new Spring-inspired pieces. Roll up your boyfriend jeans to cater for the warmer days, use your denim/chambray shirt as a jacket layer (tie it around your waist when removed) and invest in a good quality denim skirt. This universal blue is a god-send for your active life as a Mum.

Target has some fantastic DENIM options at affordable prices.


Have fun as we transition into the magic of Spring, and embrace these simple style tips, as we say goodbye to the frosty feel of Winter.


Happy shopping & styling Ladies.


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Claire Chadwick

Claire Chadwick  

Claire Chadwick is a Gold Coast mother, speaker, lifestyle blogger, freelance writer and published children’s author. She is a self-confessed-animal-print-addict, lipstick-obsessed, social-media-enthusiast and overall life-lover. Claire is the founder & editor of the popular women’s blog; www.mumscloset.com.au | Follow Claire’s Instagram @mumscloset_au for daily inspiration and fun! Claire is also one half of Two Mums Talking – who will be presenting Fashion Workshops at Westfield Helensvale on Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th Oct 2015. Book your FREE spot now.