Childhood memories of family holidays stick with you for along time. but its not always the most expensive, most far-flung or most unique elements of a holiday that are the most memorable to mini travellers. we asked this bunch about about their best holiday memories and were amused
by their answers.


grace_new-yorkGrace, 7

New York

Grace’s fave holiday was to New York. “There’s heaps of things to do there. We got to put American coins in   those special machines that squashed them and stamped them with pictures. And I loved the park where the squirrels were running around our feet. We even fed them Tiny Teddies! We also went to Central Park Zoo where the movie Madagascar was made. Mum ate a giant pretzel!  And we saw the Statue of Liberty – in real life!” Grace would love to visit Paris next, to see the Eiffel Tower.


Ava, 10ava_motorhome01

Motorhome to Bargara

Ava’s family went on a motorhome driving holiday to Bundaberg some years back. Her best memory of that trip was “sleeping in the cubby house bed that was up above the driver”. “Our car seats were beside the dining table so we could sit and do art and craft on the table and watch TV while Dad was driving! We had these cool sticker books and I brought back a weird-shaped rock for Nan. And there was a really super awesome pool at one of the caravan parks. We got to see the baby turtles hatch at Mon Repos but the absolute best bit of the whole holiday was sleeping in the motorhome and being at the table while we were driving.”


holly_whitsundays02Holly, 9


Holly’s best holiday was when her family went sailing in a catamaran around the Whitsundays for a week. She says the best part was “being able to just jump off the back of the boat and swim and snorkel”. “The beaches were nice with really soft sand. We saw a family of whales which was pretty cool.” But what Holly didn’t like was the beds (they were a bit small) and “sometimes the waves made me feel a bit sick when we were sailing”. “I don’t know a lot of places in the world, but Disneyland would be an awesome place to visit for holidays,” Holly says.


img_0425Zac, 11


“mum loves holidays and she wants to show us lots of different parts of Australia,” Zac says. “we had a fun couple of days in Sydney. I really liked seeing all these famous Australian places like the Oprah House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Taronga Zoo was pretty cool too. There wasn’t much I didn’t like – we weren’t there for very long. if i could go to anywhere in the world, I would like to go to Spain to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer.”



Josh, 9


Josh was just 3 when he went to Hawaii and stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort. his favourite memory was the beach and the fairy penguins. But he didn’t like the long flight. for his next holiday josh would love to go to Thailand, “because the beached look awesome”.




Ava, 10

Queenstown, New Zealand

Ava’s family visited Queenstown, NZ, during a period of heavy and unusual snowfall over the town in 2011. The media was calling the event a once-in-a-generation “snowcalypse”. “I remember watching the snow fall on to the round table outside on the verandah. The snow was getting taller and taller every day and looked like a massive white wedding cake by the end! We made Slurpees out of fresh snow and cordial.  One of my best memories was waking up in the middle of the night with my cousins, sneaking some chips from the kitchen and sitting here eating chips and watching the amazing snowflakes falling through the bedroom window. It was a very special moment. Also, did you know my sister Grace ate scrambled eggs every breakfast that holiday but now she hates scrambled eggs!”




Addison, 9


Castaway island, Fiji, was Addison’s fave holiday. “I loved that you could walk out the front of your bure and jump into the beautiful sea,” she recalls. “but I didn’t like all the crabs that would pinch you!” High on Addison’s holiday bucket list is the cayman islands because “i want to swim in the sea where my mum and dad met”



img_5433-copySienna, 11


Sienna had her favourite family holiday experience in Big White Ski Resort, Canada. “we could ski everyday  and my dream came true of dogsledding,” she says. “they had really good hot chocolate and hot tub in the snow!” Sienna remembers one bad thing about her holiday – that it “took ages to get dressed into your ski clothes”. If she could go anywhere in the world on holidays , sienna says she would go to italy “because there is a lot to learn about history and culture there”.




Billy, 7


“Fiji was my favourite holiday with my mum and brother Dan,” says billy. “the best thing was having ice cream every day! I loved the shower in our room and I won a dancing competition! I went to a village where I played with the kids and ave them all lollies. The worst part was when I cut my toe on the side of the pool. I would love to go to lego land because there is a hotel made of lego and then to London.”



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