Yep. Valentine’s Day is here again – but let’s take this commercial holiday and turn it into a reminder of what we should be doing every day.

You often see people expressing their love to their partners on Valentine’s Day as if it is different from any other day of the year.

The haven office is in agreement that EVERY single day is just as special and meaningful as this one day. After all, your significant other can’t be that significant if there’s only one special day…

It’s not just our partners that we want to celebrate every day. It’s our kids too.

You may have heard of the book The Five Love Languages of Children – if not you HAVE TO check it out. We’ve put together our guide on how you can share the love with your kids and partners every single day (not just on Valentine’s Day).

Gary Chapman’s love languages focus on how you connect to others. Understanding your primary love language can help you to deepen your relationships with others.

Words of affirmation
Compliment your kids or partners or write them a surprise note to go with their lunch or any place where they will find it by surprise.

Receiving gifts
There’s still a place for gift giving, just make sure it’s meaningful and from the heart. Surprise gifts at any time of the year can really make someone’s day.

Acts of Service
Surprise them by doing a chore for them or offer to help with a task they are struggling with. If you’re not sure what an act of service might be – think of a random act of kindness for your loved ones.

Quality Time
There’s no greater gift than time. It is the most valuable thing you can share with anybody and a true demonstration of love. Share your time to do things they enjoy, watch movies they like to just hang out. It will mean a lot – trust us!

Physical touch
Last, but certainly not least, do not forget the power of a hug…

While we do recommend checking out the book to understand the five love languages, you’ll also need to know which one you are. You can take a test online to discover your love language (and encourage your partner and kids to do it too).

You can take the test here: www.5lovelanguages.com



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