When it comes to throwing a party, there are literally hundreds of themes and trends.  Some trends fade away faster than Olaf the snowman on a summers day, while others just keep on, keepin’ on for years on end.

With my experience working in the party industry (over 15 years), I have my finger on the pulse (if I don’t say so myself!) and rather than keeping it all to myself, I thought I would share with you, the hottest trends for kids parties rolling out for 2019! #yourewelcome

Slumber Parties

Instead of parties with 20+ kids, going nuts on food, red drink and dancing, enjoy the trend of a bespoke slumber party. Beautiful set ups with tepees and accessories for a more intimate crowd. Check out the beautiful slumber parties on offer from Catching Dreams Slumber Parties. Boys and girls can enjoy these parties and the set up is all done for you.

Frozen 2 is coming in hot (oops cold…)

Yep, Frozen is here to stay! (Insert sighs and eye rolls from parents everywhere) With the release of the second film pegged for November 2019, there will be lots of hype throughout the year. So… get ready for more blonde braids and blue Ice castle cakes.

Pastels and Boho Picnics

This style of party was hot in 2018 and still remains a strong contender. They are pretty and they are simple. Think mismatched blankets, cushions, and scattered flowers. Pastel balloons and platter style food. Whimsical and great for an outdoor party just like this one from Lovely Occasions.

Number Cakes

There were drip cakes, then there were naked cakes, now there are number cakes! I love the ones from Fancy Favours.

Mocktails Darling!

Think coloured drinks with pretty garnish. A strong trend in 2019 for all ages. The novelty of a pretty drink on arrival creates a sense of fun. (In no way related to drinking alcohol. It’s just about the pretty look!)

Bright and Colourful Circus Parties!

In 2018 we had The Greatest Showman and now Tim Burtons Dumbo, this theme will be popular! Think bold colour and sparkles and less clowns.


Little boys and girls everywhere will be excited for Toy Story 4 the movie to release this year. They can dress as their favourite toy and get involved in make-believe.


Disco Baby!

Think sparkles, think glitter. Disco parties are IN! This theme is all about a good backdrop for photos and some fun tunes to dance to. I love the disco decorations from Lovely Occasions.


Other trends that are still strong for 2019 are superheros, mermaids, fairy parties and dinosaurs/jungle parties.

So… whatever party you choose to throw this year, remember to breathe and enjoy. It is a day to create a memory, not to be stressed.

Happy 2019 party lovers! xxx

Natalie Faulkner

Natalie Faulkner  

Natalie has been to more than her fair share of children’s birthday parties, thousands in fact! With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, and a passion for entertaining young and old, Natalie is the director of fun for kids entertainment company Strawberry Fundaes Kids Parties. She also loves to throw a dinner party, set up a fabulous picnic or just chat about mum life/character life in general. Check out her party hacks and entertainment tips (to take the stress out of your next party) on her blog // www.lovedbynatty.com