Tame those tresses, wet or dry – this is the no-fuss brush that suits all hair types and stands the test of time!

Tried and tested, the Happy Hair Brush will replace all of your other brushes and your detangling chemicals. It’s not like any brush you’ve used before and calls for two different strategies for children and grown-ups.

For kids: If your child is sensitive to hair brushing or has unruly hair, try the first brush after washing – this isn’t because the brush won’t work on dry hair (it most certainly will!), but simply so that your child LOVES their first experience of brushing with a Happy Hair Brush. Wet, washed hair is the easiest to brush and will build their confidence that this brush isn’t like anything they’ve tried before.

For grown-ups: Use it any way you want – dry hair, wet hair, unwashed bun hair… it doesn’t matter, just go for it! It won’t pull out very much hair at all, it’s super fast and it’s dead easy.

Keen to try the Happy Hair Brush? Use code HAVEN to claim 10 per cent off your order!

RRP $39.95




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