While we are discouraging our kids from too much screentime, there are definitely ways they can utilise their screens for the greater good via educational apps. Here’s a list of reading apps that you might like to encourage your kids to try because, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

The Word Zoo – Learn to Read

The Word Zoo is an app that helps kids learn to read through the art of science and fun. While developing The Word Zoo app, Rob Colvin was a stay-at-home dad while also working part-time as a researcher in software design and security (having also worked in neuroscience and complex systems previously). According to Rob, the key feature of his app is the in-game dictionary.

“The neuroscientific basis for the game design sets up the conditions for consolidating word and letter recognition into a long-term skill, by requiring children to exercise their short-term memory,” Rob says.

The app has many customisable features, which all help personalise the experience and motivate the player to continue. This includes a dynamic dictionary where you can add your own words and photos, as well as interesting sounds. The Word Zoo app is educational while still lots of fun. The Word Zoo is available for download in the App Store.

More educational apps to check out:

ABC Reading Eggs ‘Learn to read’

This app has helped more than 10 million children worldwide learn to read.

Reading Raven

Learn to read via a reading adventure guide. Recommended for ages 3-7.


High quality curated picture books in an immersive story book world.

Endless Reader

A follow-on from Endless Alphabet, this is the ultimate sight words app. It’s even received an App Store ‘Editor’s choice’ distinction.



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