Every suburb has them – quirky attractions that popped up out of nowhere, for no reason other than to delight passers-by with their, well, weirdness.

These are the ones on our radar that are worth checking out these school holidays, but drop us a line on social media if you know of any others!

Spook Hill: Brisbane has been home to two ‘Spook Hills’ (an antigravity illusion that makes your car appear to roll uphill). While the famous Mt Cotton one has since been levelled out, one in the Toowong Cemetery apparently still exists. We’ll leave it to you to find out, though.

Piano Rock: This Tamborine Mountain landmark has reportedly been around for 50 years, yet no one knows how it got there – or who keeps maintaining it. Whoever it is, we salute you! That steep climb up to the rock – with a winding road below – can’t be easy, especially carrying tins of paint.

Sister Mary Angeline: A mannequin dressed as a nun in the window of a house on Milton Road (that has been there for YEARS!) gets our major props for staying on top of the latest happenings. We’ve seen her dressed up for the State of Origin, the latest Batman movies and even a Federal Government election.

Stumpy: Stumpy is proof you don’t need a glamorous 1960’s mannequin or a piano-shaped rock to create a local icon. This Upper Kedron marvel has its own Facebook page (just search ‘Stumpy U. Kedron’) to document its latest outfit, whether it’s a back to school vibe or supporting our Aussie tennis stars.

Mt Cotton Minion: He (or she?) is without a doubt Mt Cotton’s most notable resident, if not for the outlandish themed costumes you can often see it donning, then for its rapidly growing Facebook page. Just look up ‘Mount Cotton Minion’ to see what we mean (or check out the photo, above!).

Ficus, the talking tree: In front of Newstead House (Brisbane’s oldest surviving home) sits a huge tree – that talks. And that’s not even the weirdest thing on the riverfront property. There are also servants’ quarters underneath the house (which, rumour has it, once housed a jar of human fingertips) and an Alice in Wonderland- themed playground next-door.



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