If you’ve gotten your kids back to school in recent weeks, you’ll know there’s a big emphasis on freshly pressed uniforms, shiny new shoes, pristine book coverings and new lunchboxes. But don’t forget about great looking hair.

Bernadette says that while every school has differing policies on acceptable hair styles, the most important things to remember are to keep your child’s hair out of their face (they don’t need any additional distractions while learning) and also to keep long hair well up in the hot weather (again, to keep your child comfortable and in the right frame of mind to learn).

Here are Bernadette’s simple tips for caring for you children’s school hair:

  • Wash their hair at a time that allows it to completely air dry before bed. Damp hair when going to bed means tangles (and tears!) in the morning.
  • Educate your children on how to properly wash their hair – don’t expect them to know. While every head is different, on average a child should wash their hair twice a week.
  • Quality products will give you quality results every time. This is especially the case with challenging hair types (thick, curly or coarse hair etc). The small increase in cost for a quality product will pay dividends with less tangles and tears.
  • Detangling brushes are godsends. Kids can use one in the shower to help ease out knots while conditioning. Detangling spray is another excellent tool in your kit.
  • Good quality hair spray (not a cheap lacquer) keeps hair neat and in place all day and will brush out at night. If your daughter has fine baby hair and/or is growing out a fringe etc clips in your school’s colours are also essential to keep their hair in place.
  • Swimming kids should, at the very least, rinse their hair well after each swim session. While you don’t need to be shampooing every time, a good deep rinse is essential. Bernadette’s tip is to work in some conditioner while rinsing to ensure the hair cuticles are closed, which means less tangles.
  • Nits are a normal part of any child’s school experience. Bernadette says creepy crawlies are attracted to super clean hair so a light mist of hairspray can help keep them at bay. A drop of tea tree oil in your detangling spray and/or child’s scalp can also help deter them. And keeping your child’s hair up and/or in a braid is also a good preventative measure. Bernadette says if the inevitable does happen, parents just need patience. Once the treatment is complete, parents should commit to daily brushing for at least a week to ensure all the dead nits are removed – you’ll never remove them all in the one brushing session.
Dette Cliff

Dette Cliff  

Bernadette emigrated from the UK to Australia, and fell head over heels with the Gold Coast. Dette joined the TONI&GUY Broadbeach team and has enjoyed every minute of working in the Gold Coast's only Toni & Guy salon. So much so, she became the salon's owner in 2012 // www.toniandguy.com.au