Chiropractor, Robina Chiropractic Wellness Centre

The most common reason that people will see a chiropractor is for a back problem – neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, pregnancy-related back pain and sciatica are all common complaints. But what many people don’t realise is that, at the end of the day, all of these problems relate back to the health of
the nervous system.

Our brain communicates all of the messages to the rest of our body, via our spine, and when these messages are aggravated by misalignments if the vertebra (spine), our body behaves differently. As chiropractors, it’s our job to detect these misalignments, correct them, so that the nervous system – and your health – will return back to normal. In doing so, we can not only relieve pain but also help to resolve some of our patients’ other health concerns.

Did you know that a child with an ear infection could benefit from a chiropractic checkup? While we don’t treat the ear infection (which is mostly viral) itself, we can use chiropractic to detect neuro-muscular irritation from the upper neck that could be affecting proper nerve supply to the ear, hence slowing down the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. During the cold and flu season, for instance, we help a lot of patients to boost their immune system by addressing irritation in their nervous system and prescribing them proper diet and exercise plans.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realise that chiropractic treatments are most effective when used as prevention, not as a reactive treatment. We tend to judge our health by how we feel, but when you consider the fact that only 8-10% of our nervous system can perceive pain, waiting until your back or neck is hurting could be too late.

During a session with a chiropractor, patients will undergo a spinal evaluation and, in some cases for adults, an x-ray. Treatments vary based on the patient’s age and concern, and they don’t all require the ‘cracking’ that some people may find unpleasant – your issue could be addressed with an activator instrument, an impulse instrument, specific tables or a combination of modalities. During your appointment, you’ll also be given a home treatment plan with advice, exercises and stretches to do regularly, to help address the causes of your health issue.




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