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Remember when you were a kid and you used to run around outside without any shoes on – no matter what time of the year it was? In those days, we didn’t get sick very often and, when we did, it was so much quicker to get over a cold or a bug.

That’s the principle that “earthing” is based upon. When we connect to the earth’s natural energy, whether it’s by walking on grass, sand or dirt or connecting to an indoor earthing product, we tap into a foundation for vibrant health, energy and wellness. Ros saw immediate benefits when we first came across earthing a couple of years ago – you could see it in her face and eyes. For Bill, the benefits took a little longer to become visible, but he had already been spending a lot of time grounded outside anyway.

Since then, through research and observation, we’ve discovered a number of other benefits: reduction of inflammation, reduction or elimination of pain, improved sleep and reduced snoring, reduced stress, anxiety and irritability, improved energy levels, improved immune function and digestion, improved blood circulation, blood pressure and thinner blood, accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity, relief from muscle tension and headaches, reduction or elimination of jet lag and fewer hormonal and menstrual symptoms.

So how do you earth? Walking outside barefoot, connecting directly with the earth is one of the best ways. With our busy lifestyles – working and living in buildings that are elevated off the ground – we just don’t have the time to fit it in as much anymore. This is where earthing mats and sheets can help out.

You can be earthing whilst you sleep, watch TV, work at your computer and even when you are driving. In addition to the benefits listed above, we’ve seen how earthing brings balance to people and helps them feel more relaxed, calm and in the moment. Once you start, you’ll be surprised by just how easy and simple it is – using an earthing mat on your bed or under your keyboard at your computer can make a world of difference, without any major changes to your current lifestyle. Happy earthing!


Ros and Bill Morrison
Owners, Earthy living



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