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Kate Watt & Melanie Porteous
Co-founders, Bubbles Organic Skincare

As a passionate aromatherapist (among other feathers in this talented lady’s cap), Kate Watt of Bubbles Organic says it’s near impossible for her and Bubbles Organic business partner Melanie Porteous to choose their absolute favourite essential oil, but one that stands out is frankincense. In biblical times, it was equivalent in value to gold!

Here are Kate and Mel’s Top 10 reasons why you need to get frankincense into your life:

  1. Add one drop to your moisturiser or night cream. It is ridiculously rejuvenating for the skin and softens facial lines. It also works as a spot treatment for pimples.
    2. It is cytophylactic, which means very healing, so it mixes well with lavender and is especially good for damage from the sun – massage works best for this treatment.
  2. Frankincense helps to restore tone in slackened, mature skin.
  3. Dries up fluid and puffiness a wee bit more gently than cypress oil but the two work really well together in this respect.
  4. It’s a ‘foggy head’ remedy – be this a headache, overwhelm, scattered thoughts or pretty much anything along these lines. Rub a drop of frankincense into your temples and feel the tension fall away. Take a five-minute pause while you do this to allow it to do its best work.
  5. Reduce the severity of scarring. Use with a carrier oil of your choice (jojoba or coconut oil).
  6. Gain focus. Frankincense improves your concentration.
  7. Frankincense increases the activity of leukocytes, defending the body from infection. It’s also perfect for healing new cuts. Frankincense is a healing master!
  8. Enhance your meditation practice and spiritual awareness.
  9. Reduce anxiety. Pop a drop into your hands and rub them together then hold your hands up to your nose and breathe. Slow, calm breathing is also helping to tell your body everything is OK but this double duo will soon become your go-to treatment if you are dealing with something difficult.




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