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Tracey Holland
Reflexologist, Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting

When you think of reflexology, you naturally think of feet. Tracey Holland is one of only a few Brisbane reflexologists trained in the art of Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting. During the treatment, facial muscles and underlying tissues are manipulated increasing blood circulation, eliminating toxins and stimulating the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. This gives your face the equivalent of a gym work out and a non-surgical face lift that firms and tones the foundation muscles that support the facial structure, helping to fight the effects of gravity.

“Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting reminds the muscles how to work,” Tracey explains. “The overall effect is improved muscle tone, a radiant and glowing complexion and the reduction of fine lines which results in younger-looking skin.”

Tracey’s clients compare the results of regular treatments to having botox – but without the invasive needles. And as well as the cosmetic benefits, Tracey has seen Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting assist with medical conditions such as Bell’s Palsy.

“Just like our feet, the face offers a complete map of the body. We can work certain areas of the face to help with certain conditions throughout the body,” Tracey says.

Tracey is a second-generation beauty therapist who has spent most of her career in the beauty, health and wellness industry. It’s with this vast knowledge that she was able to recently develop the artisan line of small batch ‘mohi Everlasting Facial Elixir’ to support her Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting treatments and further assist her clients’ fine lines. The secret ingredient? Twenty-four karat gold.

“Gold has been used in beauty treatments since the time of Cleopatra,” she says. “Gold slows down collagen depletion, increases the elasticity of the skin, lightens the skin’s complexion and improves blood circulation. It prevents premature ageing by stimulating cellular growth of the deepest layer of the skin to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells which soften fine lines and wrinkles.”




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