Every second of our life we are processing – physically, chemically and emotionally.  We are born to be dynamic and the only thing that is ever constant is change.  As we go through phases of flux and change, finding ways to support ourselves and those around us can be life changing.  One of our biggest challenges is being able to love ourselves unconditionally.  Most of the time we are our harshest critique and think that we’re not good enough, or not doing good enough for those around us.  We lose sight of the magnificence of the love we have within.  When we are able to remember that we are love… simple things can inspire big changes. Therefore having tools to use to direct us or reaffirm what our body is telling us can be beneficial.  In truth the biggest difference we can make to those around us is to start truly loving ourselves and living fearlessly.

In collaboration with numerous fabulous practitioners & leaders, various Wellbeing workshops have been created to support individuals to find themselves.  No one can do it for you – you have to make the choice to love and express all of who you are again!

There is something to inspire and empower ALL – families, parents, grandparents, kids, teens.  The range of ‘Wellbeing Workshops’  include simple meditation for wellness, short courses on supporting kids learning and development’, tools for healing everyone in the family including pets, and full day simplified massage and kinesiology courses.

Our instinct or intuition is often our strongest guide, so if one of the workshops sparks a sense of curiosity in your heart… come and join us to find some ways to express your joy – joy in being yourself, joy in being able to help and assist others, joy in making a difference.

Our intention is to empower each individual to heal themself and to express their true essence through personal sessions and/or workshops.  The aim of the workshops is to affirm that you have the consciousness, gifts and abilities to love, heal and serve yourself and others.

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