The last thing we need as small business owners is a new form of marketing to get our heads around. We already have so many things on our plate, so the concept of adopting another new marketing strategy can seem painful, but is it?


Content Marketing, a phrase coined in recent years, is officially defined as communicating effectively, making connections, engaging your audience, inspiring customer action, and providing something of value to your fans or followers according to Search Engine Journal. Sounds great, but what does that mean?


Think about how you consume advertising on a daily basis. Do you tune out when there are advertisements on the television? What about the paper? Are you ad blind, not intentionally ignoring the advertisements, rather focussing on the news and information? Then there is online. There is an extension for most browsers which enable users to switch ads off altogether!


So what is the alternative? Content marketing. Put simply, content marketing enables businesses to be more creative in the way in which they deliver information about their business, products and services. It offers an opportunity for a businesses to introduce themselves in a different light, almost as a form of entertainment rather than a straight out advertisement.


Enter social media, enabling business owners to now deliver their helpful useful content via another medium. By sharing useful content about your business or service, as well as associated business and services, along with a few quotes and cat videos, people can start to relate to and enjoy your brand. By doing this, they get familiar with your business and the cycle of ‘know, like and trust’ begins.


However this isn’t something that is a one off effort, it must be crafted with consideration and delivered consistently to ensure impact. It won’t happen overnight but…


Content you share can also become ‘word of mouse,’ as customers become engaged with your content and then share on your behalf to their network. Think about your reaction to something you viewed in which made you laugh, what do you do? Share it! You want your friends to enjoy a laugh as well! Delightfully, the page it is shared from is carried over and wullah! Word of mouse, or effective content marketing.


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Tolita Dukes

Tolita Dukes  

Tolita Dukes is the creative brain behind 8 Seconds, a marketing agency located in the beautiful, Whitsundays. With backgrounds in tourism, sales and marketing, Tolita is passionate about helping small business and demystifying marketing. Delivered with intelligence, energy and honesty, helping clients realise their business aspirations through dynamic marketing strategies. 8 Seconds, the average human attention span. Get noticed! // www.8seconds.com.au