In January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced a change to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm which he says will mean that you’ll see more updates from your family, friends and groups over brands and businesses –

“[Facebook] will elevate posts that ignite conversations and meaningful interactions between friends while demoting the many videos, news stories and business posts that users consume passively — without commenting and sharing.”

Most business owners I talk to have been complaining about declining organic reach (that’s the number of people who see your Facebook posts) for a while, and people are worried that this will affect things even more.

Over the past few years Facebook has been moving away from overly promotional posts. They don’t want businesses to use their platform to just promote their ‘sales, products & services’. According to Facebook, “they help you connect and share with the people in your life”  and so your job as a business owner is to do this too.

One thing that won’t change, is that if you’re putting out quality posts your fans and followers will continue to see it. By quality posts, that means things that people actually care enough to like, comment and share it. It also means that you may need to invest more time into planning and creating your content.

Here’s 3 ways to help your business navigate through the Facebook newsfeed changes:

  • Tell more stories
    Tell the stories behind the people who love and use your products and services. Write engaging posts on the information you probably share every day if you speak to people in person or over the phone. We sometimes freeze up when we jump onto social media, so have a think about different ways to tell your stories. Brainstorm with your team and I guarantee you’ll have some more quality content right there.
  • Use Facebook Live
    Facebook live is a feature that allows you to live stream video on to your Facebook page and people can interact with you. As it’s a native feature of the platform, Facebook preferentially shows it in the newsfeed. Best of all, you can ‘go live’ straight from your smartphone.
  • Boost wisely
    If you happen to post on Facebook and that seems to do well – people are liking, commenting & sharing it, then by all means use the ‘boost’ function to promote it to a wider audience. Your fans have shown that it is quality content and you should always be listening to that.

Remember, Facebook owns the platform so they can do what they like to the newsfeed at any time. Your job as a business owner is to be clear on ‘why’ someone should like your page, and always be serving up the best possible experience for your fans.

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Miranda Ivey

Miranda Ivey  

Miranda has over ten years experience in Marketing and Publicity working with national and international events, products and people. By combining her marketing and strategy experience with Facebook ads, her clients have seen high ROI, exponential email list growth, and launched entrepreneurs and brands with a bang. A respected and relatable trainer, Miranda has presented private and group workshops across Australia helping business owners succeed in running their own smart social media strategies and Facebook ads. She was the co-owner of Byron Bay based Facebook ads agency Dotti Media for 3 years and has recently launched her own brand. You can now connect with Miranda at mirandaivey.com.