With so much to view and so little time we’ve compiled a list of the best things we have found online this month.

Free nuggets anyone?
Eighteen-year-old Carter Wilkerson from the U.S. is tried to get 18 Million retweets on Twitter so he could score a year’s supply of free nuggets from Wendy’s. We would LOVE that many free chicken nuggets.


Drop it like it’s hot
Move over Snoop Dogg, these animals look like they’re about the drop the hottest album of 2017. You can see more of these photos here.


Floating guru
Watch the Floating Guru impart his wisdom and share with us the meaning of life – or at least he meaning of life for an infant.


The acceptance ring
This incomplete ring symbolises the gap in marriage equality that we need to close. Until the day comes when two people who love each other can celebrate that love through commitment. AirBnB who is behind this campaign is encouraging people to wear this ring and show their acceptance of marriage equality.

Product comebacks
I’m sure we all remember the late 90s Tamagotchi craze – well they’re on sale again in Japan. Will they be back out in Australia? // www.news.com.au

Something a bit closer to home… Yowies are back on the shelves in Australia. // www.news.com.au

Taking matters into his own hands
A genius seven-year-old wrote a note from ‘the school’ instructing his parents to let him spend more time playing video games because he is failing ‘VIDEO GAME CLASS’.


Bottle water magic trick
A grandma from the U.S. saw a prank online and immediately decided to play it on her husband. Watch her perform the ‘magic bottle trick’ – it’s hilarious! // www.dailymail.co.uk

For more than two years Australian comedian Celeste Barber has been taking photos of herself doing ‘rich people things’ and they are fantastic. Take a look at her Instagram feed: @celestebarber

Celeste 1

Celeste 2

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