We all know the feeling of being pushed and pulled in all different directions on the weekend with your kids’ extra-curricular activities. Rather than fight it, make it part of a family adventure!

My kids have always been social butterflies and busy beavers with various extra-curricular activities. Sometimes our family weekends just don’t feel like a weekend at all as we buzz to and from nippers and sporting games and kids’ parties and more.

A recent weekend required us to be in Hervey Bay for our eldest to participate in the Queensland Youth Surf Lifesaving Championships. Now Hervey Bay is not the kind of easy-breezy trip down to the corner shops and back when you live on the Gold Coast – it was going to be a mission whichever way we attempted to polish it up. But being ever-optimistic, I thought it would be handy to embrace the opportunity and turn our mission into a family-fun weekend away.

IMG_1695If I’m going to provide you any tips on brewing up a sneaky weekend away like this, it’d be make everything as convenient as possible, keep the costs low and pack light. ‘Ease’ is the key word here. So, with that in mind, it was off to Jucy Campers to secure us a cubby house on wheels – that’s the transport and accommodation boxes ticked in one go #winning

Of course, we had to name our mothership and the kids called her “Jucy Lucy”. We packed with ease – Jucy thought of it all and we literally just threw our clothes and food into the van and hit the road. As a family, we love the vibe of caravan parks so the campervan was perfect. Meeting new people, getting out into the wide outdoors, generally living in some of the best real estate that the suburb has to offer – it’s all good fun.

IMG_3419And with a Jucy motorhome, the journey becomes part of the adventure which makes this kind of weekend away all the more thrilling. The kids sat at our dining table (seat belted, of course) while we drove – which they thought was cool. The van also allowed us to camp with our team without having the pain of organising, packing and setting up tents and camp stoves (we had our own onboard oven!). We simply parked Jucy Lucy at our allocated site, plugged into power and it was ‘Happy Hour’ (the others were still trying to work out which poles went where at this point!). Another Jucy Lucy bonus over our camp mates in tents was that Lucy’s air conditioning provided welcome relief in the Queensland summer heat. Showering and toileting in the motorhome was also a benefit as there were no late-night trips in the dark and through spiders’ webs to the amenity block for a wee with little kids. In all, our weekend with Lucy was family bliss.

So, next time you are faced with the kiddie sports weekend from hell, consider the glass half full. An adventure might just be around the corner.

Visit www.jucy.com.au

Top 5 things to do in Hervey Bay
1. Relax on the beach (no waves, just calm water!)
2. Whale watching
3. Cycle or walk the Esplanade (there’s a great playground in Torquay)
4. Walk the Urangan Pier – better yet, bring your fishing rod!
5. Get wet and play at Wetside Waterpark

Keeley O'Connor

Keeley O'Connor  

Keeley has always been a keen entrepreneur and creative and takes great pride in growing her business in parallel with her young family. Keeley started in online publishing with ‘Savvy Mama’ in early 2009 going on to publish print titles over the past decade, including haven, a family lifestyle publication and scout for the Gold Coast holiday-maker more recently. She has grown a vibrant and engaged digital community of followers via her digital and social channels and continues to expand her business with haven creative services // www.havencreative.com.au