With so much concern about cold and flu symptoms – specifically, “anxiety” about the possibility of contracting COVID-19 – Queensland Health are now encouraging anyone who is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 to get tested.

These symptoms include having a fever, cough or sore throat, or experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue or a headache.

The good news is that testing is free and available to anyone in Australia, no Medicare card required. But what can you expect when you get tested? We asked Heather McLellan-Johnson, Director of HMS Medicals Burleigh Cove Respiratory Clinic, to enlighten us.

What should I do if I think I or one of my children may have COVID-19?
As a parent or caregiver, we are often overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty. In times like these it is good to know that testing is easy to access and comes at no out of pocket cost to you.

The first step is to self-register your assessment online⁠. If you or your child are presenting with any symptoms, you can make an appointment with us by calling 0410 83 1919 or heading to our website.

What does the testing process entail?
When you arrive at the clinic, it’s important you stay in your car until our staff call you to bring you in. Our nursing staff will open the front door for you and ask a series of regulation questions. Then, you will be guided into one of our testing booths by a nurse and asked another series of quick questions.

One of our GP’s will then come in and perform the testing process, taking swabs from the back of your throat and nose. This won’t take any longer than two minutes. There is a lot of fear and misconception on the nasopharyngeal swab, but the test is quick and painless – at worst, you may experience an unusual feeling of slight discomfort for a few seconds.

From there, you will be given an information sheet telling you how to self-isolate, among other things. Finally, you’ll exit through the back door of our clinic and head directly back to your car.

The entire process should take five to ten minutes.

Can my baby be tested?

How do you prevent the spread of sickness in your clinic?
We have completely separate facilities to our other Medical Centre in the Cove with specific bathrooms and a “no touch” policy on all surfaces (for example, our staff open the door for you). We use the highest level of medical grade cleaning after each person, and finally a full site clean is done of all of our facilities every day!

If you are at all worried, book in today to help put your mind at ease and also help detect and stop the spread of COVID-19. And, if you have any questions or queries, please call or visit our website.

BURLEIGH COVE RESPIRATORY CLINIC is open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.⁠
By appointment only.
13/109 West Burleigh Road
Burleigh Waters

0410 831 919



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