From fashion to homewares to gadgets and toys, it feels like we’re constantly being tempted to ‘buy, buy, buy’. And at the time, all those small purchases seem relatively harmless – that is, until we look around one day and realise how claustrophobic we feel in our clutter-filled homes.

Suddenly, we’re faced with overflowing wardrobes, struggling savings accounts and a strong desire to chuck it all into landfill on our next trip to the dump. But there’s a better way, we promise.

Of course, the best solution is to just buy less in the first place. But if the damage has already been done, there is one good way to reverse it: sell what you don’t need. 

With so many places to do exactly that, the job could be easier than you think…

Sell online


You’ve no doubt bought at least one thing from eBay in your lifetime, but have you ever tried selling? It takes time and patience, but the handy ‘Watchlist’ feature can help you offer discounts to people who have saved your items. It’s also super safe thanks to eBay’s verification systems, so you know you won’t get ripped off.



eBay’s cooler little sister, Depop is where the kids are buying and selling their secondhand items. It’s here that people from all over Australia and the world sell their preloved pieces, often for super cheap. One haven team member snagged a YSL trench coat on the app for just $120. True story.


Facebook Marketplace

If you don’t want to muck around with shipping, Facebook Marketplace is your best bet. It’s so easy to list your unwanted items, and you can sell just about anything. We prefer it to Gumtree since you can view people’s profiles, giving you a better idea of who you’re buying from/selling to.


Sell IRL (in real life)

Secondhand store or funky boutique? We’ll let you be the judge. Swop operates on a ‘buy, sell, trade’ basis, meaning not only can you come in to shop, you can also sell and trade your own pre-loved pieces there (provided they’re not mass produced or fast fashion items).


The Village Markets rack sale

The Village Markets aren’t just a collective of small business owners and handcrafted wares – they also host an epic rack sale as part of their market, which takes place on the first and third Sunday of the month at Burleigh State School. Book a rack there and sell directly to market goers (just fight the urge to browse the other racks and spend all your earnings on new clothes).


Miami Marketta Cherry Pickers

Here to prove that they’re not just the ultimate weekend location, Miami Marketta is sprucing up your hump day with a huge offering of pre-loved fashion in the form of their Cherry Pickers nights. On the third Wednesday of every month, countless vendors set up racks of pre-loved items – why not join them?


Suitcase Rummage

One of the longest running preloved markets in Brisbane, Suitcase Rummage brings sellers and buyers together under one premise: everything must be sold from a suitcase. You can sell secondhand, handmade and recycled goods without needing to worry about buying a clothing rack and hanging up your garments (which is such a time saver).




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