Gone are the days where teens would obsess over a handful of actors, athletes or pop stars. Now – thanks to YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram and countless streaming services, not to mention mainstream music, TV and movies – there are hundreds, if not thousands, of celebrities for your kids to obsess over.

If you feel like it’s hard to keep up, that’s because it is.

But fear not. We’ve come up with a handy guide to some of the most popular content creators on the Internet right now, perfect for the parents who never know what (or rather, who) their kids are talking about.


Millions of people subscribe to Jimmy Donaldson for his expensive antics and acts of extreme charity, though they know him as MrBeast. The American YouTuber and philanthropist has been uploading videos since 2012 (when he was just 13) and has amassed an estimated $54 million, achieved a Guinness World Record and even appeared in a Super Bowl commercial.

YouTube: 144 million subscribers

Norris Nuts

Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco and Charm, along with their mum Brooke and dad Justin, make up the Norris Nuts, the exuberant Australian family who got their big break on Ellen. Their YouTube channel is full of family vlogs and challenges, but their talents extend beyond the screen – their kids are all talented surfers.

YouTube: 6.37 million subscribers

Anna Paul

She’s big on OnlyFans, but don’t be alarmed – your kids definitely know Anna Paul for her TikTok account, which is relatively PG. Fans love her for her short-form travel and ‘day in my life’ vlogs, where you can catch her flying first class to different countries, taking up new hobbies (like horse riding) and treating her friends and family to expensive gifts and experiences. We’re not jealous at all…

TikTok: 6.5 million followers


Sophia (not Sophie, she’ll have you know) gained popularity on Instagram for her fashionable outfits and good looks, but her TikTok has really taken off in the last few months – she’s got more than double the audience there than on her Instagram. Probably because it gives fans a look into her fun, relatable personality?

TikTok: 1.2 million followers

James Charles

If you’ve heard of anyone on this list, it will probably be James Charles. The beauty guru has had his fair share of controversies over the past few years (internet beef, awkward singing videos and late arrivals to meet and greets, to name a few) but that hasn’t put much of a dent in his online following.

YouTube: 23.8 million subscribers

Nicole Laeno

Californian dancer and high school student Nicole Laeno creates wholesome, ‘day in the life’ style content for her growing audience. She takes her subscribers along for family holidays, school dances and weekends with her friends, with a few big life moments (like being on a billboard in Times Square) sprinkled in.

YouTube: 2.93 million subscribers

Jake and Logan Paul

From boxing matches and crypto failures to much more insidious controversies, the Paul brothers have done it all. It seems like we can’t go more than a few months without their names popping up in headlines – both for good (Logan’s super successful beverage brand, Prime Hydration) and bad reasons (Jake’s two fake marriages, one of which he made viewers pay to watch).

Jake – YouTube: 20.3 million subscribers

Logan – YouTube: 23.6 million subscribers

Lexi Hensler

YouTuber and TikTok sensation Lexi Hensler has gained an impressive following, and while her YouTube videos can feel a little clickbait-y (some of her video titles include ‘Hopping on a random flight’ and ‘Learning 50 new skills in 7 days’) they’re definitely exciting. Her TikTok offers a behind-the-scenes look at her day to day life in California.

TikTok: 9.8 million followers



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