Becoming more self-aware plays such an important part in making informed career decisions. When I talk about self-awareness, I am referring to things like your interests, skills, values and motivations. Taking the time to reflect on these critical areas is not only important for developing meaningful career goals, but also confidentially selling yourself during the job search process both verbally and on paper.

Questions to ask yourself to help you become more self-aware could include:

What sets you apart?

This is about identifying your skills (including transferrable skills), knowledge, experience and strengths. 

What do you enjoy most?

Have a think about your key interests and the types of things that inspire you and make you happy. I like to think about it as those things that really energise you and that you are passionate about. 

What’s important to you?

We all have values, and it’s important that they are aligned with career direction. We also have certain motivators and preferences for career choices. For example, balancing family and work may be a key priority for you. 

To better understand ourselves, self-exploration activities allow us to reflect on those important unique aspects about ourselves. This can really assist in developing satisfying and meaningful career goals, which can lead to more realistic job expectations, a better chance of job satisfaction, and a good chance of a positive alignment with work environments.

Some of the self-exploration activities you could undertake include career quiz’s, personality tests, and character strengths surveys to name a few. Some other options include simply asking for feedback from others (family are always good for honest feedback!), or maybe do some journaling to ‘check in’ with yourself.

There are some really great free resources available online to undertake self-exploration activities. If you want to try some out for yourself, you may enjoy the options available on the below sites:

My Future 

Job Outlook 

Your Career  

VIA Institute on Character

It’s also important to remember that our interests, skills, values and motivators change over time, that’s why taking the time to reflect on these at different intervals in life can be such a valuable process to better understand ourselves. 

Check out career workshops and 1:1 career services which can provide you with the knowledge and tools to undertake some effective self-exploration activities, as well as improve your career management skills and boost employability. For the next available workshop date visit At the Helm Career Services.



Natalie Moloney

Natalie Moloney  

Natalie is a qualified career practitioner, a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia, and you can always expect a professional and caring approach to her career services. Natalie runs regular ‘Returning to Work after a Career Break’ workshops on the Gold Coast, to fulfill her passion for supporting women during what can be a daunting transition. Please visit www.helmcareers.com.au to learn more about ‘At the Helm Career Services’ workshops and 1:1 support.