Countless businesses keep their websites updated with blog posts, but have you ever wondered why? It can be a lot of effort for seemingly little reward, but when you understand the benefits, you’ll realise how worthwhile it can be.

If you’re a business owner who doesn’t blog yet, we’ve listed a few of the reasons you may want to start.

It helps people find your website

One of the biggest reasons businesses have blogs is to drive traffic to their website. It’s an amazing (and free!) way to master SEO, without having to pay for ads or have access to a massive email database. Each blog post creates a new page which could organically direct people to your website via search engines. It also tells these search engines that your website is active.

It helps people stay up to date with your business

There are some things that are just too excited to share in a single Facebook or Instagram post. Even a dedicated eDM can be improved with a link back to a blog post. Whether you’ve got a new product or collection launching, want to share a behind the scenes look at your business or announce an exciting collaboration, you’ll find that there are so many reasons you’ll want to write a blog post.

It helps you connect with your audience

Blog posts can inform, educate and above all, inspire. They are the perfect place to raise issues you’re interested in, and see whether your audience feels the same way. Ensure that your blog posts have a comment section where your customers can leave their thoughts and chat with one another. You’ll be able to directly hear from them and adjust your business accordingly.

It helps you create content

Ever looked at a business and wondered how they’re always coming up with fresh content, or nail their social media messaging post after post? They probably keep a blog! There’s nothing stopping you from turning the content you create in your blog posts into a series of social posts, a video or an eDM – days, months or even years after you post it to your website. So while it may feel like a lot of effort, it will undoubtedly save you time creating content in the future.

It helps you build your brand

Businesses are no longer just about selling products – they’re almost like people, with complex personalities and layers. At least, they are when they have a blog. Creating a multifaceted business can only be achieved when you have a place to explain the values and ideas that make up your business, while also connecting with your audience on a personal level.

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