The library is just one of those places that doesn’t lose its magic – children these days still love a visit to their local library as much as they did decades ago.

Last year, Gold Coast parents and children made more than 86,000 visits to Gold Coast City Libraries’ early literacy programs, Storytime, Toddler Time and Baby Rhyme Time.

Lifestyle and Community Committee chair Hermann Vorster says these programs were designed to create opportunities for children aged up to five years old to build strong foundations for language and learning skills.

“With research showing that up to 90 per cent of a child’s brain development happens in the first five years, the popularity of Storytime, Toddler Time and Baby Rhyme Time reflects the importance of introducing literacy and language skills to children from birth,” says Hermann.

Approximately 700 new neural connections in the brain are formed every second within the first few years of a child’s life, and many of these connections are created through environment and experiences.

“The interactive Storytime sessions are designed to develop a love of books and reading, while the Toddler Time sessions are all about new words, fun body movements and games for young children,” says Gold Coast City Libraries’ Acting Manager Alison Kemp. “Baby Rhyme Time is a fun and interactive time for rhyming, singing and talking activity for babies aged newborn to two years, and their parents.”

Research highlights the significant role that parents play in helping their babies build a strong foundation for future learning, and shared learning activities at home, at City Libraries and out and about are crucial in the early years for the development of language skills later on.

Parents who create an enriched learning environment as they go about their daily routine – whether it’s by sharing stories, rhymes, singing, talking and playing with their child from birth – are building a foundation that can last a lifetime, and creating these learning environments can be very simple.

Babies and young children learn best by listening and interacting with the important adults in their lives during everyday activities, so don’t underestimate the power of talking about what you can see on the way to the park, singing nursery rhymes, pointing out something you both view out the window, or learning new words while shopping for groceries. It all adds up to a lifelong learning foundation that your children will thank you for.


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