Glow Dreaming has been heralded as the most successful sleep aid in the marketplace. It was officially born with a single, important aim: To rid people and children of the unique torture that is broken sleep. Designed for bubs aged from 8 weeks old + to the elderly, Glow Dreaming combines four different elements: Red LED light (the same technology NASA uses at their space station to induce the body’s natural melatonin), a humidifier, a special sound frequency based on pink noise and organic essential oils.

Slow Wave Sleep Sound Therapy utilises what’s called Pink Noise. Unlike white noise it does a lot more than just block out background noise. Pink Noise is the frequency you commonly hear in things like waterfalls, rain and thunder. World leading sound specialist Dr Stephane Pigeon has created a unique frequency just for Glow Dreaming using a specific rhythm and timing that actually helps cause drowsiness and gets us to fall into a state of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep. It is the most restful and best type of sleep.

Founder of Glow Dreaming, Cara was inspired by her step-daughter, Nevoh, who lost somebody very close to her. Bedtime was a harrowing ritual as she feared she would die in her sleep. ‘It was absolutely heartbreaking to see any child go through that kind of pain. You would do absolutely anything to try and help them,’ she says.

Desperate to treat primary insomnia and minimise Novah’s mild anxiety attributed to sleep deprivation, she tried sleep schools, melatonin drops, changed her diet and exercise regime and had frequent visits to the doctors. After months of trying and failing, the couple then turned to natural solutions including night-lights with essential oils. Finally, they started to see slow improvements.

Following the success of these treatments, Cara wanted to launch a product that would package different kinds of sleeping solutions in one unit. After months of exhaustive research, she reached out to World leading sound specialist Dr Stephane Pigeon who was intrigued by the concept. He worked tirelessly to develop a unique frequency that uses a specific rhythm and timing to encourage drowsiness and gets you to fall into a state of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep (often referred to as Deep Sleep). The results are dreamy.

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