Get your dose of winter wellness by recharging in nature. Try on Springbrook mountain for size.

There is something compelling about an adventure into our Gold Coast hinterland to get your winter fix. It’s generally a simple matter of packing the car with your winter woolies, some red wine, cheese, grapes, crackers and those all-important ingredients to make s’mores and then hitting the road. With our backs to the ocean, we headed towards Springbrook Mountain. One definite pit stop that you have to make on your trip west is The Fudge Shop Springbrook on Lyrebird Ridge Rd. Made daily, there are 35 flavours available and this fudge is simply delish! There’s also coffee, drinks and souvenirs here to snatch up, if you so desire. It was rainy on our getaway weekend, so we couldn’t fully take in the ‘best of all lookouts’ due to clouds but, if the weather’s kinder to you, don’t miss Twin Falls Circuit walk to see the stunning Purlingbrook Falls. There are actually so many good walks to do out this way, it’s hard to choose just one. I’d encourage you to put them ALL on your bucket list and promise yourself you’ll get through that list, one day.

The destination for our winter wellness getaway was The Mouses House. This property consists of 14 chalet cabins nestled throughout the World Heritage Listed Springbrook National Park. Hidden in the bushland, we followed a quaint trail to our chalet (each of the chalets are uniquely named after the seven dwarfs which was a quirky touch!). These cosy chalets offer all the comforts of home and you’ve also got movies on demand so bring your ugg boots and settle in. We read books on the verandah while listening to the creek bubble away nearby and fell asleep to the pitter patter of rain on the roof of our chalet. In fact, the sounds of nature were amazing here. Birds were endlessly chirping and kookaburras welcomed us with their iconic song. Kindling, newspaper and wood was all set up for us to light up the fireplace on arrival. We came prepared and mastered our own version of the s’more with Scotch Finger biscuits, Lindt chocolate and marshmallows. That’s where the name comes from, I guess – we wanted s’more!

The electric blankets were divine, heating our lush beds, In fact the digs were really comfortable. The spa bath allowed us to soak away the stresses of life, and there was even enough room for the kids to hop in! If you’re brave enough, there is a communal hot tub you can walk to from your chalet and a fresh rainwater plunge pool for before and/or after your soak – it was invigorating alright! Brrrrr… If you are looking for an enchanting and peaceful winter wellness weekend close to nature, The Mouses House is a great destination. And the road trip out there from the Gold Coast is all part of the greater adventure.


Keeley O'Connor

Keeley O'Connor  

Keeley has always been a keen entrepreneur and creative and takes great pride in growing her business in parallel with her young family. Keeley started in online publishing with ‘Savvy Mama’ in early 2009 going on to publish print titles over the past decade, including haven, a family lifestyle publication and scout for the Gold Coast holiday-maker more recently. She has grown a vibrant and engaged digital community of followers via her digital and social channels and continues to expand her business with haven creative services // www.havencreative.com.au