It’s getting darker, colder and the desire to spend more time under the doona is growing. How do you keep your winter fitspo going, and avoid the cold weather blues?

I get it – even for me, after years of getting up religiously at 4.30am to train – rain, hail or shine – winter dulls my spark. So here’s my #mumlife hacks to keep your motivation burning through the colder months. Believe me, you will never regret a workout and continuing to practice self-care and wholefoods nutrition throughout the flu season will keep you firing . . . right through to the brighter days of spring.

1. Plan the night before

First thing in the morning is my time to shine – I have the gym to myself, I turn my headphones up loud, and I get my sweat on before the rest of my family wakes. But sneaking out of bed when the moon is high and there’s frost on the grass is no one’s idea of a good time. So I plan the night before – gym bag packed, clothes laid out, program planned and grab-and-go breakfast ready.

2. Move before your brain kicks in

When the alarm goes off . . . get up! Don’t hit snooze, don’t let yourself start thinking about how warm it is in your little cocoon, don’t even think about how hard your workout is going to be. Simply open your eyes, swing your legs out of bed and move. Once you’re up and at ‘em, the hardest step is done.

3. Extend your warm up

Cold muscles, ligaments and tendons are more susceptible to injury, and limit your mobility. Get the most out of every workout by taking extra time to warm up before you start. Some of my favourite drills include leg swings, air squats, deadlifts with just the bar and arm circles to get the blood and synovial fluid flowing (that’s the fluid that lubricates your joints – if you’re feeling a bit stiff and ‘rusty’ first thing in the morning or after a day holding bub or sitting in front of a computer, dedicate some extra focus to warming up those joints before training).

4. Nourish your bod

Rich, sluggish food results in sluggish bods – don’t let the slide into winter allow your nutrition to slide too. Continue your focus on whole foods, and warm up with nutrient packed dishes that hit the spot (and hit your macros, too).

One of our favourites is Nath’s butter chicken, which the whole family loves – it’s easy to cook in bulk, freeze and re-heat, and with protein from the chicken, vitamins and minerals from the vegies, muscle-replenishing carbs from the rice and healthy fats it packs a macro punch.

Try seasoning your food with warming spices too – chilli is an obvious choice, but ginger, cinnamon, cumin and cardamom all add gentle heat to dishes and have been shown to assist in easing cold symptoms, from their antiseptic properties to easing congestion.

5. Take it indoors

You can get a great workout without leaving the loungeroom. Try these favourites from THE BOD to get the blood moving and banish the winter blues:

Warm Up
50 x Single skips (or jump on the spot if you don’t have a rope)
5 x Push-ups
5 x Burpees
10 x Star jumps

Winter Work Out
15 x Step-ups (each leg)
15 x Walking lunges (each leg)
20 x Air squats

Rest 45-60 seconds after each round and repeat as many rounds as possible: 1 round to shake off the blues, 2 rounds to get your heart pumping, 3 rounds to really get sweaty.

Embrace the chill and keep your fitspo going all winter long – your bod will thank you for it!

Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin  

Sophie Guidolin is a personal trainer, nutritionist, successful author and world-renowned fitness model. She is founder of THE BOD, mum of four and co-owner of Gold Coast gym Hold Your Own with husband Nathan Wallace. Follow Sophie @sophie_guidolin // www.sophieguidolin.com.au