Sharing your child’s experience at child care just got smarter with Wondr, a revolution in photo and message sharing. A mobile app produced in conjunction with creators Pitch Starter, Wondr is the brainchild of local businesswoman Rebecca Hogan – a highly experienced childcare educator and mum.


Designed to share the moments, milestones and learning outcomes of childcare with parents, Wondr enables educators to upload images in real time, share children’s funny quotes and stories, and communicate essential Centre updates. Having owned and run several childcare centres, Rebecca notes that staff would spend around two hours per day documenting learning stories and Early Years Framework outcome accomplishments, emailing parents and creating daily notes. She estimates Wondr will reduce this time by more than 50 per cent, freeing up more teacher time for play and development.


“Wondr is cloud-based,” she says, “and provides access to a secure photo gallery and multiple logins for subscribers –so nana or aunty could also share the experience of the child’s day”.


Rebecca says the app cuts resources significantly – “all that’s required is a computer and internet connection, rather than the current suite of a camera, a video camera, a computer and internet access plus the hard costs of producing portfolios for every child”, and minimises time spent on the administration of parent communication, so that educators can spend more time with their charges.


“It’s about promoting old fashioned playing with current innovation”, she says, noting that in testing a document that previously took 22 minutes to produce was completed in just 35 seconds. Currently in beta testing ahead of a 2015 launch, Wondr is being trialled at Kids at West End and The Cottage at Coomera (recently opened on 7 October).


* The Cottage at Coomera is having an open day and invite your family to pop in and say hello and have a walk around their new beautiful Early Learning Centre


Date: Sunday 19 October, 2014

Time: 10am – 1pm

Cost: Free

Location: Lot 20, Old Coach Road, Uppera Coomera



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