“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” No one knows this better than Sophie Guidolin, whose new-release book harnesses the power of words.

Gold Coast fitness model, author and mama of four Sophie Guidolin knows just how impactful the right words can be on a person’s psyche. The social media powerhouse added a new book to her library of offerings last month and it’s quite a step away from her successful previous titles.

“Words can hurt, words can heal, words can give us hope or fill our hearts. Words have a huge impact – both positive and negative. So it’s important to surround ourselves with positivity, hope, inspiration and motivation. Which is exactly why I created this book,” Sophie says.

‘More than Words’ promises to inspire, motivate and empower. Filled with uplifting quotes to brighten your day and celebrate the power of positive thinking, this book will take pride of place on your bedside table or tucked in your handbag. Sophie has even included pages for readers to add their own personal mantras. Clever!

With her new release launched just in time for Mother’s Day, Sophie says she understands all too well the challenges of motherhood and the negative self-talk mums can often succumb to.

“Like many mums, I suffer from monkey mind and what I call ‘mama mind’ – unable to turn my mind off, keeping track of my family’s commitments in my head and second-guessing myself as a mum, wife and businesswoman,” she says. “Reading – and now writing – words of encouragement reminds me that opportunities are limitless, and I have the power to change my thinking and my world.”

More than Words is a deeply personal project for Sophie, who started reading inspirational words before bed five years ago.

“At that time, life felt tough as a single mum of two young boys,” says Sophie. “Reading words that inspired me before bed gave me hope and made me see that the challenges I had faced that day were not insurmountable.

“When I felt beaten by the ‘mum-juggle’, trying to run my business and feeling emotionally and financially stretched, those words gave me encouragement and inspired me to keep dreaming and keep striving for better.”

Life has since become even busier for Sophie, who went on to have twin girls and develop THE BOD fitness and nutrition programs with husband Nathan Wallace.

“For me, reading affirmations before bed has become a non-negotiable. It’s my time, to unwind, unload the stresses of the day, and reset my intention for tomorrow. I sleep better, wake happier and am free to concentrate on my goals rather than my worries.”

Sophie recently achieved the height of success in her sport – winning her Pro Card after earlier competing on the world stage and taking second place amid a highly competitive international field.

“Whenever I doubted whether a mum of four from the Gold Coast could successfully compete at an international level, I kept returning to the affirmations in More than Words,” she says. “These mantras set my soul on fire and gave me the confidence to succeed.”




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