Love yoga, or love the idea of yoga but can’t nail your handstand or scorpion? Like the idea of getting your zen on, but can’t relax your mind? Want to amp up your yoga practice? You need Soul Pose!


In collaboration with KX Yoga, the team who brought you The Color Run are bringing the best, brightest, boldest yoga event to the Gold Coast. You need to get on this!


Imagine a yoga party with your favourite tracks, a rainbow of paint a la Color Run, a supportive crew, goodies for every attendee and a Block Party with SeaFM. It’s coming to Broadwater Parklands next week, and we got the low downward dog (see what we did there?) from Tim Wiche, National Marketing Manager to get behind the bends with Soul Pose.


What was the inspiration behind Soul Pose?


Similar to The Color Run, we wanted to create an environment that was socially acceptable for EVERYONE. Yoga is one of those experiences that until now, has mainly been undertaken in a studio by seasoned yogis. Our aim is to get as many ordinary couch potato Australians off the couch, and introduce them to a new type of Yoga. Fun Yoga. Party Yoga.

Freaking. Awesome. Yoga.


SP 1200x600 03Tell us about the credentials of the instructors.

We are very lucky to have partnered with KX Yoga Group nationally. KX Yoga is a community committed to providing high quality yoga instruction in a safe, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. To run each event, we have Sarah Cresswell running the early morning session and Ian Cresswell [co-owners of KX Yoga] adding his entertaining personality to the one-of-a-kind black light sessions. It’s amazing to have such a well-defined and aspiring team behind us. We also have support from many local yoga studios and instructors from Class Pass, plus every girl’s favourite, Lululemon.


Yoga is normally a more zen, internal experience. Soul Pose turns yoga into a power-packed party. How will the purists enjoy Soul Pose?

We love the traditional yoga sense, however there was a real opportunity for us to do something different. We were successful with changing the 5K landscape globally with The Color Run, and really want a chance to do something similar here in a way that appeals to a mass audience. Yoga is such a wonderful experience and many people are put off by social misconceptions that you need to be a certain body type or fitness level to participate. That is just not true.

By turning the lights off, we feel people become a lot more at ease with themselves, dance like nobody cares, and hopefully find satisfaction in themselves to continue their yoga journey. We encourage local studios to come along. We have no doubt people will love our event, we just want to ensure people will continue their new found love for yoga, which is why community involvement is so important.


What do ticket holders receive?

It wouldn’t be a party without YoGifts! Before your session, you’ll get a custom Soul Pose yoga mat, Soul Pose yoga hand towel and plenty of sponsor benefits and give-aways. After Soul Posing, we’ll have an official Soul Pose bracelet waiting for you. Why? Because you just did something amazing!


SP 1200x600 02NEED TO KNOW

  1. Bring your party: Get ready to bust a move and love your body with thousands of new Soul Pose friends.
  2. Wear white on top: You’ll look fabulous. Promise.
  3. Have fun: Give high fives, take selfies, and sing along when your favourite tune comes on.
  4. Soul Pose is yoga for EVERYBODY.
  5. Soul Pose is the perfect place to get your yoga groove on for the first time. More than 70% of Soul Posers are new to yoga.
  6. A pre-determined list of poses are listed and demonstrated on the website, potential Soul Posers will have an idea of what to expect ahead of time.
  7. Soul Pose sessions last approximately one hour.
  8. Soul Posers do not need to be flexible, different options are provided for different poses. Breaks are welcomed and encouraged!



What // Soul Pose Gold Coast

Where // Broadwater Parklands

When // Saturday 9 July. Sunlight session 8am. Black light session 5pm.

Cost // $45 


Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.