This would have to be every parent’s favourite sentence in the English language – ‘the kids go back to school next week’.

That’s right! That time of year has rolled around again. Christmas is well and truly over and the kids are gearing up for another year of learning.

In preparation for the new school year we have compiled our list of things you need to do before the kids go back to school.

Establish routine
It’s time for the kids to stop sleeping in and know who is packing lunch each day. Establishing a routine early in the year is vital for success at school. Even having a routine for where school bags, shoes and uniforms go each afternoon can save a lot of stress the next morning.

Meal plan
Kids need nutritious meals to make sure they can maximise their learning. Juggling the family and work might be tricky, but meal planning is a lifesaver.

Finalise the back-to-school shopping
Make sure the kids have everything they need for success at school. Teachers have put everything on the booklist for a reason and every kid needs all of their stationery to fully participate and perform at their full potential.

Have ‘the talk’
For some kids it will be their first time going to school, some are transitioning to high school and others are nervous about having a brand new teacher. It’s important to talk positively about the school year with your kids and open the dialogue early so they will tell you what’s happening at school.

Encourage learning
Remind your kids they are at school to learn – which can come from both success and failure. You want them to look at failure as an opportunity to learn and perform better next time, not something to fear, because let’s face it, we’ve all failed at something.



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