It’s December. Is your body literally aching for a rest and your mind feeling the fog of another full 12 months of juggling kids/work/life? Your summer rescue awaits…

There’s a certain sense of peace as soon as you walk through the doors of any day spa. Your shoulders instantly melt away from your ears as you realise that you’ve actually successfully organised some down time in your calendar. Your brain gives you an enthusiastic high five as you not just switch your phone to silent but “slide to power off” that sucker. 4G-less bliss.

As you walk into One Spa at RACV Royal Pines Resort, however, there’s an even stronger sense of peace and calm awaiting you just past reception. Firstly, the setting itself is the envy of other suburban day spas. It’s set on the side of a tranquil watercourse, with the sights and sounds of running water a visual and aural backdrop to the whole experience – your soundtrack to ultimate relaxation. The architecture of One Spa is also worth mentioning. The soaring white ceiling with its almost circus-tent-like structure instantly takes your eye (and mind) up, up and away. Curved timber-lined walkways keep the chi flowing sweetly and each treatment room door privately tucked away.

And let’s talk a minute about the One Spa robes. Once you’ve checked in, given your digital device the bird and changed out of your day wear, there’s the softest, thickest, plushest, most literal warm hug hanging on a hook in your change room. Holy day spa heaven right there! If you had to judge a day spa purely on its bath robe offering, this place just won an Olympic gold medal. It seems almost a sin to take off that robe to get your treatment!

One Spa offers a host of popular spa rituals with names like Escape, Unwind, Indulge and Nurture. You can even design your own experience by selecting your favourite treatments from the One Spa list including body exfoliation, back massage, facial, manicure, pedicure/foot massage, scalp therapy, makeup or water therapy, and packaging them up for the ultimate bespoke visit.

The water therapy part of One Spa’s menu is interesting. The steam room will cocoon you in detoxifying warmth, while the Vichy shower will also have you surrendering to the relaxation of seven warm rain showers. The private outdoor jacuzzi is more so a stimulating bath soak (the Japanese Bath Tub has aromatic oils added) and the hydrotherapy bath and six-jet shower will also massage and pummel your muscles for relief and satisfaction.

Facials, body therapy, massage and other grooming services are also available here. Just make sure you allow yourself some quiet time before and/or after your chosen therapy to enjoy the sanctuary that the One Spa relaxation lounge provides. With blissful views of the stream outside, comfy padded swivel chairs, magazines, endless ginger tea and mango sorbet, you just need to add one of those amazing One Spa bath robes for, seriously, the most relaxed pre- and post-treatment headspace imaginable. One Spa gifts you the reward you deserve at this time of the year, and a journey to remember.




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