A sun-kissed glow no longer calls for hours spent lying in the actual sun – we prefer our tans in a can, thanks. Beauty expert Alexandra Tennant explains how to nail your tan every time.

Streaky tans. We’re not living for it.

There are right and wrong ways to self-tan, but thankfully, the ‘right ways’ are actually super simple. Here is my no-fail tan routine in 10 simple steps.

  1. First up, hydration: In the days leading up to your tan, make sure you moisturise, moisturese and moisturise. This creates the ultimate even base for your tan and your skin will love you for it.
  2. No brown spots: Shave or wax prior to your tan – I recommend 24-48 hours before to avoid those pesky brown dots.
  3. Tan-free skin: Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub or deep exfoliating mitt to ensure your skin is silky smooth and ready to go.
  4. Again, no brown spots: Remove any white nail polish. You’ll thank me later.
  5. No streaky tans: Do not apply oil-based products, deodorant or perfume prior to application… opt for moisturiser instead – apply sparingly to hands, feet, elbows and heels.
  6. Mousse, mitts and light sprays: For application, invest in a good mitt if you are applying a mousse – circular motions work best. If you are using a spray, mist lightly over the body.
  7. Make use of the makeup brush: For the hands, feet and face, apply the tan sparingly with a makeup brush to ensure a light-handed, smooth application.
  8. Wet wipes: Wipe down fingernails and toenails with a cleansing wipe. Again, you’ll thank me later.
  9. Save your sheets: Jump straight into bed with an after-tanning bed sheet hero like Tan Between the Sheets for a comfortable, stain-free night’s sleep.
  10. Wash and go: Wash off the bronzing solution the following morning. Keep shower time to a minimum and pat down with a towel. Revel in your freshly bronzed skin. Easy.
Alex Tennant

Alex Tennant  

Brissie girl Alexandra Tennant always had a thing for beauty - she was the tween with bright blonde hair and a constant tan. While her studies took her down a different path - studying journalism and criminology - Alex has remained captivated by skincare, hair and makeup. Her years working for Napoleon Perdis helped her hone her skills, and now she has a successful side hustle doing makeup for clients.