Winter is almost over, and we can practically feel the warmth creeping in. One thing we wish would disappear with the cool weather? That dull, dry feeling winter leaves behind. From what you eat, to what you lather onto your skin, to how you move, there are means and ways to get your glow back after winter – here are just a few of them.

Kick start your day
The benefits of drinking water with lemon in the morning have been cited time and time again, but naturopath Angela Cali agrees it’s a must-try ritual. “This is a tip I swear by for year-round health, and many celebrities do, too!” says Angela. “Even Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr starts her day with lemon and hot water.” Angela recommends drinking 300ml of room temperature boiled water with 50ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice to alkalise your body. You could also try extending your first mealtime until mid-morning, which Angela says helps give your digestive system an extended rest. “A lot of research also shows that fasting like this helps you lose weight too so it’s an easy way to shed those excess winter kilos,” Angela explains.

Nourish your skin, naturally
Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to ease up on those hot showers and baths. Hot water will dry out your skin quick smart, so opt instead for slightly cooler showers instead. Opt for gentle soaps that won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture and oils, and opt for organic ingredients like turmeric, shea butter and ginseng to brighten and nourish your skin. Alternatively, try looking out for ingredients you wouldn’t typically associate with skincare – like, we don’t know, caviar? With a high water property, zinc and fatty acid omega-3 ingredients, caviar-based skincare helps protect supple skin against free radical damage, regulate cholesterol production (to give you that glow) and reduce inflammation. Try this range by Natura Siberica.

Glow from the inside, out
Sometimes, finding your glow starts from the inside. It’s less about ‘detoxing’, and more about feeding your body aaaaall the good stuff it needs to take care of everything else.” Taking a daily dosage of turmeric powder or capsules – I use TurmeriX Powder in a juice – will modulate your immune response for the management of eczema for those who suffer from it,” says Angela. “For those who don’t, this anti-inflammatory root also helps reduce any inflammation in your body that might cause skin dryness and irritation.” Angela also recommends drinking lots and lots of water to keep your entire body and skin hydrated – it’s easy to do, and very effective.

Go skin deep
“You are what you eat” doesn’t only apply to our general wellbeing, but also to our skin health. Our skin is the first line of defence against environmental intruders such as pollution and UV irradiation, and it’s busy supporting the body’s electrolyte balance, regulating temperature, absorbing substances and excreting waste. Nutritionist Rick Hay says that exposure to the sun and excess sugar are two of the strongest premature ageing agents – instead, eat ingredients to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Fatty fish, such as salmon, is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that keeps skin supple and moisturized, reducing inflammation, while sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene which keeps your skin healthy by acting as a natural sunblock, among other things. Also try broccoli, green tea, avocados, red capsicum, tomatoes and turmeric.

Detox your mind
Your ‘spring cleaning’ ritual shouldn’t end with your closet – the warmer weather is a great opportunity to dust off old behaviours and release thoughts that may have been burdening you, too. Write down three things that haven’t been serving you well – it could be a bad habit, a negative relationship or a mindset towards something in your life – then let them go. Meditation and yoga practice are two other ways to help you detox your mind, while other kinds of movement – walking, stretching, cycling – will improve your circulation and help you get active after a sluggish winter.

Try weird and wonderful beauty rituals
Have you heard of dry skin brushing? Not only is it a great exfoliant – literally helping you shed your winter skin to reveal your summer glow – but it also aids lymphatic flow and improves your circulation for a healthy immune system. Other left-of-centre treatments you could opt for include cryotherapy, dry saunas and hydrotherapy. Check out this spread from our sister magazine, scout, for a tonne of ideas.



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