What an interesting time of the year.

It’s not Christmas so we haven’t clocked off yet… but in a way, our brains have.

Our bodies are moving us through the mud but, man, do we feel like just laying down, rolling in it and calling it a day.

There are less than 10 weeks until the New Year. While that seems close, it’s actually the same amount of time as a school term (and well… weren’t they long).

It might seem like the only logical thing to do is to tread water and let the time pass until it is Christmas. But is that really going to get us there in an orderly fashion?

Probably not. Instead, I’ve come up with some tips to see you through the next couple of months:

  1. Look inwards – write down all of your achievements this year and have a positive conversation with yourself. Think about what else you would like to achieve this year and the outcomes you want for next year.
  2. Get started on your 2022 goals. Figure out which areas in your life you want to improve on and categorise them into wellness, passion and connection. Choose three or four for each category – just make sure you write your goals out by hand (writing things by hand builds 10, 000 neural pathways while typing them out only builds 600). Each goal should have an action and a time frame around it. For example: your fitness goal might be that you want to get fitter and feel more comfortable in your own skin. You will do this by training at F45 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am. Here are some more examples for each category:
    1. WELLNESS: Nutrition, exercise, gut health, meditation, sleep, budget
    2. PASSION: Career, creativity, study, school
    3. CONNECTION: Family, social, helping within the community, technology
  3. Write down your nine-week to-do list and deadlines – what do you need to get done before Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
  4. Clean out your systems – this means your room, car, wardrobe, gut and office space. Do this before Christmas so that you can really relax, let go and feel amazing through this fun time of the year!
  5. December and January are hectic… fun, but hectic. Spend your November in a more restorative way to prepare yourself for whatever-is-the-opposite-of-a-detox.
  6. Christmas will be so much sweeter if you work hard to deserve your break.
  7. If you are in a shopping and spending mood because it’s the Silly Season, get started on your Christmas shopping early and make it fun and exciting rather than a… trying to find toilet paper during lockdown scenario.
  8. Exercise and eat well to keep your mojo intact.

Use this pre-Christmas period to get organised, clean out your systems and prepare for the New Year. Once the lead up to Christmas begins, you’ll want to have all the admin stuff done so that you can enjoy your break.

If you need some help with this or don’t know where to start, I run one-on-one life coaching sessions either online or in-person (if you are in the Gold Coast area!). You can get in touch on my website – link below.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

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